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About Shallots

A couple who could have settled in London, decided to move back to mother land and wanted to establish a quality family restaurant, inputting all the experience and culture acquired in London hotels and restaurants. As we had this experience we thought it would be a good idea to go into business together and open up a restaurant. T Nagar, as a location, came up as at the time there was a gap and demand for quality family Indian cuisine in T Nagar and Shallots opened in March 2011.
Our goal has always been to provide excellent food together with great service which is something we pride ourselves with. Because of this we have a lot of regular customers who have been the foundation of our business and enabled us to do well as a business consistently and build on year in year out.
We serve popular Indian dishes as well as always trying to offer different dishes that are not on the menu. This is something we will continue to do going forward. Our Gourmet set meals are also very popular where you can enjoy a 3 course meal for a set price which is very good value for money.
We are collecting (VOC) Voice of the customers and changes are made based on customer input.
We at Shallots always find feedback from customers invaluable. If there is anything we can do to improve any aspects of service/food please let us know and we will endeavour to act on your feedback.

Reason behind Shallots:
Shallots - we don't want to cook up a story up, honestly we wanted to have a unique stylish name. Which does not exists any were in India. We thought of various names and did not manage to get a name until the last day. As we have to register the name and had to print the menus and hoardings etc. Finally on the evening while chatting got really frustrated and said "Vengayum" (Translated onion in Tamil) not able to find a name. Got a spark and went for the name shallots, which is small onions and a very integral part of Indian cuisine and stylish.
Shallots do represent what we wanted to be in the market, Western ambience and service matched with quality Multi Cuisine food. Which blasts your taste buds?

Mission & Vision:

Combo I

Chicken Biriyani
Chicken 65
Pepsi @ 210/-

Combo II

Mutton Biriyani
Chicken 65
Pepsi @ 230/-

Combo III

Fried Rice
Chicken / Gobi 65
Pepsi @ 210/-

Combo IV

Chicken / Gobi 65
Pepsi @ 210/-

Combo V

Hot & Sour, Chicken Soup, Tandoori Chicken 1 pc, Naan 1 pc, Paneer Butter Masala, Green Salad @ 210/-

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